All prices quoted excluding VAT. The solution is provided on loan as part of a managed service for a fixed term as specified. For trial setups, no charges will be made and the solution is provided for the duration of the trial period as specified and should be returned in good working condition at the end of the trial period. If you wish to keep the solution, it will be provided under our normal terms. The Installation and services provided on the basis of payment of Initial Cost (where applicable) prior to installation or when invoiced (this is the setup fee), plus monthly payment (for the duration of the service term) of quoted Monthly Cost (service fee) paid by direct debit or standing order on monthly anniversary of commission, or part thereof that has been delivered and/or installed. We expect to provide equipment, maintenance, warranty and support services for the duration of the service term and provide a consistent working solution for your business subject to reasonable care being taken of the equipment, the suitability of any devices connected to it and its use being within manufacturer warranty and usage restrictions. Although our services are typically provided on an ongoing basis for the solution, after 36 payments you have the option to A) extend and pay a reduced monthly fee for continued management and support with the existing equipment, B) take a new package to renew/upgrade your hardware in full or in part or C) end the agreement and either return the equipment to us or make a single purchase payment if the option is given (at our discretion). In the event the term is to be ended early the service fees must continue to be paid as per the original schedule or paid in a lump sum at time of cancelation. We reserve the right not to offer a renewal or purchase option because such an option may not be appropriate for certain equipment, if we do provide an option to purchase or in the event the equipment is not returned or returned damaged the cost will be the equivalent of the setup fee or three months of the service fee (whichever the greater) based on the existing agreement in addition to the full balance of the service term being paid prior. Equipment must remain where installed unless agreed in writing; we may be able to provide a relocation service subject to a reinstallation fee being paid. Equipment provided as part of the managed service must not be tampered with, factory reset, hacked, altered, sold, offered for sale, used as collateral or as an asset, leased, hired or lent and should be kept secure and suitably insured while it is in your care. You will not own the equipment. If equipment is damaged and/or cannot be returned in reasonable working condition for reasons not covered by our SLA the managed service fees for the full term will remain due and replacement equipment costs will be chargeable. In the event the hardware is purchased without an ongoing managed service we will no longer provide an SLA, support, warranty or maintenance services. All equipment remains the property of and with title to InteliNetworks Limited unless purchased after all required payments for the service term have been paid and title change confirmed in writing. Although the vast majority of equipment installed will be brand new we may supply equipment that has been previously installed, such as racking shelves or accessories provided this does not reduce the effectiveness of the equipment. Payments will be allocated to invoices in date order and in the event one or more services have not been paid for within terms, the account as a whole will be considered in arrears. We reserve the right to remove and/or disable equipment, or assign a third party to do so without notice in the event of non-payment (account arrears), if we have reason to believe the equipment is at unreasonable risk or a breach of these terms and a reinstallation fee will apply should the equipment need to return to operation once the account has been brought up to date, there may also be a charge for the removal of equipment prior to the end of the service term and all costs relating to this and recovery of the debt will be chargeable along with our costs relating to the claim. Our SLA does not apply if the account is in arrears or in breach of these terms. You will promptly provide the necessary access to enable removal and where necessary, inspection, maintenance and support services. We accept no responsibility for damage nor assume responsibility for making good of premises following equipment installation and removal. The full balance of the 36 month service fee shall become due in the event of arrears of three calendar months or if the equipment is deemed to have been removed, damaged and not operational due to external factors (eg. fire, flood, theft or vandalism), out of your immediate control (such as the repossession or restriction of access to the premises by a third party) or otherwise in a state that is not in accordance with these terms, even if the equipment is disabled or has been removed by us due to non-payment. If we are not made aware of the exact locations of pipes, cables and other complications that may affect the location and mounting of equipment in writing prior to installation we assume no liability for their damage or consequential costs or losses if the premises are damaged. During installation we will do our best to minimise visible cabling however this may not be possible or practical in all situations. Our quote is valid for 30 days and subject to final written order confirmation by InteliNetworks Limited. Our SLA provides a guarantee for fault resolution for the function of equipment provided as part of the service, in the event that we do not meet our SLA within our reasonable control and where access for support has not been restricted, provided the account is in good standing we will refund (by way of credit note) up to the equivalent of the Monthly Cost pro-rata for the affected equipment for the calendar month(s) where the fault persists. Our support, SLA, guarantees and service does not extend to third party equipment or connected equipment not provided by an InteliNetworks Limited service contract. InteliNetworks Limited, its staff, related and connected companies, directors and contractors explicitly disclaim liability for consequential losses and damages.