Key Benefits

WiFi without WifiData is like throwing away thousands of opportunities to bring previous guests back, don't miss out.

WiFi's importance in a hotel, restaurant or bar cannot be overlooked, it's one of the first features that your average guest will look for nowadays. Therefore it's crucial that you use this to your advantage, we're pleased to say that WifiData provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve that goal.
Mailing Lists

Build your mailing list with every log in to your WiFi, allowing you the opportunity to draw them back with offer newsletters.

Offers & Rewards

Place an offer banner on a dedicated 'welcome back' pop-up, leaving returning guests rewarded and up to date.

Brand Confidence

Reliable WiFi with an easy sign-up process goes a long way, boosting confidence in the company & brand positivity.

Branding & Promotions
Having a well perceived and consistent brand is a must, with the various customisation options at your disposal, everything will fit beautifully and act as a virtual gateway into your company.
Full Control
Everything's run by our Portal system, your WiFi command centre, so you have full control over everything you would need to. Here are just a few examples of the settings under your control...
Returning customer redirect URL
Your network name and it's availability
Guest codes & their usage
Integration API key & list keys
Device locator dashboard custom CSS
Sign up page footer text
Messages for registration, returning and new guest pages
Data capture fields that appear on new guest pages
Prevent excessive usage with day & total usage limits
Promo banner upload for new & returning screens
Terms & conditions text for sign in pages
the competition

Other WiFi Systems

Minimal (if any) branding & flexibility

Limited access to customer data (if any)

Customers have to re-login regularly

Limited content customisation (if any)

Unnecessary registration fields

Unnecessary extra steps

3rd party ads

Cluttered, unfocused design

Customer data shared with supplier

the competition


Fully on-brand & consistent feel

Full access to customer data

Automatic device reconnect (no login needed)

Extensive flexibility & content customisation

Streamlined, clear connect form

No unnecessary extra steps or login to connect

No 3rd party ads (only your own)

Responsive, for easy use on all devices

You own your data (not shared)

Advanced segmentation tools

Integrated with leading marketing tools

Customisable data capture fields

Panel available on mobile, tablet & desktop

Commercial Benefits
Grow your mailing list

Grow quickly and use advanced segmentation tools to target the right customers at the right time.

Connect Faster

With free, easy-to-access WiFi you reduce the burden on staff and their requests for 'WiFi codes'. Returning customers connect automatically without needing to register or login.


Track usage and devices by area, find users quickly based on where their device is connected and get location-based visitor stats.

It's Your Data
The data that's collected via WifiData is yours and with GDPR friendly opt-in features you can use it to promote your business effectively. All WifiData prices include unlimited data capture, so there's no hidden fees or limits on how many customers can connect to your system.
...So Use It.
WifiData allows you to use the data that you collect in ways that will help your business and it's perfect for email marketing. With tools like advanced segmentation that allow you to build filtered and targeted marketing lists, you can make sure you're using it in a smart way that will convert.
Free Signage
What good is free WiFi if guests don't know it's available? We provide free signage with every unit to make sure that's not an issue.
Free Signage Free Signage
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